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The names and symbols of the Seven Ancient Planets, the three Modern-era Planets and the names of the two Esoteric Planets.

The Seven Ancient Planets

  1. Mercury

  2. Venus

  3. Mars

  4. Jupiter

  5. Saturn

  6. Moon

  7. Sun

The Three Modern-era Planets

  1. Uranus

  2. Neptune

  3. Pluto

The Two Esoteric Planets

  1. Vulcan

  2. Atlantis

Explanation of the Two Esoteric Planets

Vulcan is approximately the size of Pluto. It circles our Sun once every 27 1/3 days and has an orbit just inside the Sun's corona. It appears as a small Sun-spot when it can be seen by astronomers. Vulcan is said to rule Virgo. Because of it's closeness to the Sun, Vulcan is always conjunct the Sun and is never more than three degrees from the Sun.

Atlantis is the planet which exploded to create the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars. The asteroid Juno is said to be the "heart of Atlantis" and this asteroid is used to calculate the position which Atlantis would have occupied had it not previously exploded. Atlantis is said to rule Libra.

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